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Pump with belt drive

Horizontal installation of pump and motor

flach getriebemotor



Pump with belt drive

on qube type frame with motor on top

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Pump with gearbox motor





On-Demand Control

Electronic regulation of the flow related to demand of the system provides minimum energy- and water consumption at a high efficiency and life time. These system are available with variable speed drive or cascade control upon customers requirements.





Depending on test procedure requirements, variable test pressures and test steps can be stored and/or adjusted. If the tested part expands under pressure, the adjusted test pressure will be kept automatically.




Pump with combustion engine

Independend from electric power supply, the pump can be driven by high performance combustion engine. The rotation of the engine is regulated by demand automatically.

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Lockable multi pump unit

Customers requirement: Avoid demage of the machine from outside as far as possible at maximum access for service. The solution was a completely closed chamber with lockable door on the front and rear side.