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Markets and applications

Cat Pumps is the most trusted brand of high pressure positive displacement pumps and high pressure systems in the industry, providing customers with the durable and reliable products for over 50 years. Cat Pumps backs its products with outstanding customer service and delivery from stock. Customers in a variety of industries rely on Cat Pumps high-pressure pumps to run longer while reducing total life cycle costs. Cat Pumps sets the standard for excellence and offers a wide range of pump models for applications around the world.

Car wash

Self-Service Car Wash Systems, Touch less Car Wash Systems, Pre-Wash Systems

High-Pressure cleaning

High Temperature Units, Cold Water Units, Fixed and Mobile Units, Water-Sand Blasting, High Pressure Phosphate Coating

Air conditioning technology

Mist Cooling, Temperature Control System, Dust Trapping, Exhaust Cooling

Oil and Gas

Off-Shore, Jet Cutting, Waterinjection in Oil Production

Agriculture & Food

Fruit Juice, Gallatin, Ice Cream, Milk

Chemical process

Foam Production, Chemical Metering, Liquid CO2

Water hydraulics

Nuclear Power Plant, Press, Machine Tools, Mining

Pressure increase

Test Devices, Laboratory Equipment