Tomorrow’s markets are our today’s challenge.

Growing markets with very high demands and expectations include the field of car washing facilities, high-pressure
cleaners, water treatment, air conditioning, water hydraulics and chemical processes. There is also considerable market potential waiting to be served in Eastern Europe. CAT PUMPS has already been successful in this field in Kazakhstan in the Caspic Sea in mineral oil extraction applications.

Our objective is to offer intelligent, customized and affordable solutions to problems by developing and manufacturing
high performance pumps and complete systems tailored exactly to the needs of our customers.

CAT PUMPS - Your competent partner for modern pump engineering

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Fruit Juice
Ice Cream

Air Conditioning Technology

Mist Cooling
Temperature Control System
Dust Trapping
Exhaust Cooling

High-Pressure Cleaning

High Temperature Units
Cold Water Units
Fixed and Mobile Units
Water-Sand Blasting
High Pressure Phosphate Coating

Reverse Osmosis

Seawater Desalination
Beverage Industries
Dialysis Process
Leachate Treatment
Brackish Water
Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Car Wash

Self-Service Car Wash Systems
Touch less Car Wash Systems
Pre-Wash Systems

Special Subjects

Jet Cutting
Waterinjection in Oil Production

Chemical Processes

Foam Production
Chemical Metering
Liquid CO2

Pressure Increase

Test Devices
Laboratory Equipment

Water Hydraulics

Nuclear Power Plant, Press
Machine Tools

High Temperature Water

Boiler Feed Water
Sterilisation Sluice