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Repair of pumps and aggregates

CAT PUMPS high pressure pumps are very service friendly and require far less frequent maintenance than most pumps. Usually only common tools are required, making field service convenient, but there are a few custom tools designed specifically for certain models that simplify the process. If you would like to request repair from our qualified personnel, please fill out the form below or contact the repair representative directly by email or phone.

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Tom Fries
Telephone: +49 6126 930 3 32

We receive your pump


Upon receipt, we will prepare a cost estimate

Repair of the pump or the aggregate


After we receive your order, the repair is carried out. Afterwards, the pump goes through a test on the test bench.

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Please note that returns to CAT PUMPS must always be made carriage paid.
Please send pumps without oil!
Costs for inspection: 75 € or 115 € depending on pump type (not applicable if repair or new purchase is carried out).